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People's Person. Ambassador of Spreading Peace and Positivity

After working in a corporate sector for almost 7 years, I decided to make a shift and choose a career in a field where I can touch maximum Human lives and bring a positive change in the society. With unconditional love and support from my husband I was able to find the purpose of my life in my late 20's.  My mission is to empower young children's mind by helping them to built a strong emotional health and Resilience.  Also, help them discovering their aptitude and interest in their early years so that they can get clarity about their journey ahead.
As a passionate Counselor, my experience allows me to understand the best ways to address each individual's needs in an effective manner. I am flexible in my approach and use collaboration as the basis of my therapy—ensuring a comfortable, safe environment where we can work together on your goals. To learn more, review my available services and book a session today!
My top Character Strengths are-
1. Kindness and Generosity
2. Gratitude
3. Capacity to love and to be loved

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