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Hope and Happiness initiative by Mrinalini is really a good experience for my son. The values she tries to incorporate in little ones are really important and needed in this modern world. If kids' learn these life values since childhood can make them great persons in future which ultimately make our world a better community. Thanks Mrinalini for all the efforts you put to nurture our future generation. Keep the good work going.

Preeti Zende (Mother of Arjun Zende), Mumbai

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My Daughter loved Happy club Classes and she is always excited to learn new things, Her resilience power has improved a lot. Thanks Mrinalini for grooming my child.

Savita Singh (Mother of Nainika Singh), Pune


Zaara my daughter is a part of hope n happiness Happy club classes.
In this hectic modern world it's important for a child to  have I.Q (intelligent Quotient)
as well as E.Q(Emotional Quotient).
We all know the power of positive vibes n affirmations.
Mrinalini herself is a very positive, kind, humble person and she is passionately developing these qualities in kids and making them emotionally strong and better person. My daughter was not comfortable with this new way of learning online initially (school).
Mrinalini helped her to accept this in a friendly manner.

Tons of thanks n all the best to hope and happiness, may many others get benefit from this initiative.

Hajra Saudagar (Mother of Zara Saudagar), Chennai


My concern towards my daughter was that she was not that confident, very hesitant to take initiatives though she had the potential. After taking your sessions and class I could see the improvement and change in her and its now reflecting in her Personality. Thank you so much Mrinalini.

Dr. Priya Mishra, Chennai

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Direct Dil se..

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Hope & Happiness Clinic is a recommended place for all General Child Psychology needs. Dr. Mrinalini Kotwal is very warm and has very friendly way of teaching kids and young students. She is a Happiness Ambassador and expert in Child Psychology and students counseling. Must Visit.

Vikram Vishwaroop,
IT Professional , HSBC


"Hope and Happiness is a wonderful initiative started by my colleague, Mrinalini Kotwal. It helps in developing various positive skills, including life skills and social skills, among children. In today's situation, when we find children missing their social life and becoming aloof, Hope and Happiness build the capacity in children to deal with the challenges. I wish Mrinalini the best in her endeavor. "

Ananya Ghosh Roy
Counselling Professional, NCERT Allumni


I pray hope and happiness to grow leaps and bounds in future. I have personally seen Mrinalini Kotwal work with her golden heart, love and zeal to serve young minds of India. It is certain that her efforts will create a ripple effect in heart and mind of every beneficiary. 

Kirti Sharma 

Socio-Emotional Educator,

Founder of Psywithin

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Life Skill mentoring programs of "Hope and Happiness" are well designed which provide the opportunity to the students  to improve their study habits, manage their stress, become more confident, and have a positive outlook on life. The trainer "Ms Mrinalini Kotwal" , brought her expertise in the field into these mentoring sessions and have excellent skills to make the sessions lively and interactive.

Sunayana Desai
Blogger and Content Writer

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Akshita Menon.jpeg

I really enjoyed Happy Club Classes with Mrinalini Mam. It helped me developing my critical thinking and increased my Resilience.

Akshita Menon, 10 years
New Delhi


I had my life changing experience with Mrinalini Ma'am. She helped me in building up my confidence and Interpersonal skills.

Chanda Kumari, 14 years, New Delhi

M Kumaran.jpeg

I was struggling with isolation and loneliness because of my introvert nature in new school, Mrinalini ma'am helped me in social development skills and Intrapersonal skills, now I have many friends.

M. Kumaran, 12years, Govt School Chennai

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Mrinalinli Mam's LSE Workshops helped me in building my Intrapersonal skills and boost my confidence, I feel more active and happy then before. She helped me to find my strengths. Thankyou Ma'am for your valuable guidance.

Kundan Kumar Singh , 10 years, New Delhi

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Mrinalini Ma'am helped me in managing my Anger. Earlier I used to get upset by small small actions of others. Mam guided me with some relaxation Techniques to manage my anger. I am very happy to be part of Happy Club.

Darsh Porwal, 8 years, Chennai

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Testimonials: Testimonials
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